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  Within Memory Change

          There is a whole person.               At any stage we can share     

         Beauty, Strength & Peace

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The Memory Nurse
British Columbia, Canada.  

  I am meant to do this; 

 inspire others to have healthy brains as long as possible.

  Techniques & assistance dealing with different stages of dementia can help people deal with someones changing brain.


       Memory Testing


Professional  seminars or lectures inform you about

 memory loss, aging brains, dementia & brain


 Custom lectures available

 meeting the informational need  for all caregivers,

 diagnostic groups, professionals, college & university classes,  care staff.

Memory Issues may be signs of brain change.  Testing provides  information,

 then steps to  accurate diagnoses.

Early screening and planning reduce fear,  provide learning  about brain support & maintenance. 

Questions:  on Memory Tests. 

1.  Who should have one?

2.  What does a test entail?

3.  When should I be concerned?

4.  Where can testing be done?

5.  Why should I be tested early?

6.  How to speak to loved ones                about  concerns?